Sunday, 12 August 2007

Why does Netto sell stale sliced bread?

The opening of Netto in Roseberry Shopping
centre at Redcar has been a great success.

The first day, a couple of weeks ago, was marked by the number of people queuing around the corner to get in. The queues were there all day long and I am told there were people outside in the early hours to make sure that they got the bargains that were on offer.

The car park, even on a wet Sunday afternoon, is always packed with cars. It was hardly used when we had the shabby and now demolished Roseberry Square. I have not had to drive to Tesco once since it opened. Glynis seems quite content to get most of her shopping at Netto now.

One concern we have is that, not unlike many other supermarkets, the sliced bread is often stale. Why do these stores sell sliced bread that could be as much as two days or more old? When you get it home it is only good enough for toast. Perhaps Netto will explain?

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