Friday, 24 September 2010

Local MP Ian Swales champions Olympics bid to get kids involved

Local Liberal Democrat MP, Ian Swales has written to all schools in his constituency to encourage them to take part in the ‘Get Set’ London 2012 education programme. Ian met with Seb Coe earlier this week and was encouraged to hear about how many schools were involved in the ‘Get Set’ programme. This programme aims to engage with young people in many different ways from encouraging active lifestyles to enterprise and creativity.

Become part of it

Ian Swales said ‘’There are plenty of ways in which we can and should be encouraging children to get involved. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to engage with a variety of events and ultimately being part, even if only in a small way, of the London 2012 Olympics.’’

‘’I have visited many of the schools in the Redcar and Cleveland area since being elected in May, and have been impressed with what I have seen. ‘Get Set’ seems to me to be an exciting way to encourage our young people to get involved with the many events surrounding the Olympics.’’

‘’I am happy to support any school that wishes to get more involved in these projects’’.

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Who said Politics wasn’t fun?

The Liberal Democrat Conference this week has seen motions debated by the grass roots of the party, it’s had more fringe events discussing a wide range of topics and we were privileged to hear from many senior figures both in the party and in Government.

But conference would not be conference without a little light relief and this year, Ian Swales MP competed against his Liberal Democrat colleagues in a Virtual Archery game as well as (without knowing) competing in the badge competition!

Mr Clegg, hit a perfect ten with his final shot, shouting “bullseye” across the hall however, his efforts fell just short of Ian Swales and John Hemming MP who filled the top spots in the early part of the game. More MPs then joined in the fun and Ian soon found himself further down the leader board than he would like. He made up for it by selling out of the badges at the Liberal Democrat Image stand and coming third in this competition. Who said that MPs don’t know how to have fun!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ian Swales backs Theresa Cave’s call for the removal of Voodoo Knife Set

Ian Swales MP for Redcar, supports Mrs Cave’s campaign to have the ‘Voodoo Knife Set,’ which depicts a man being repeatedly stabbed, removed from shops around the country. Ian believes that the set’s design promotes violent behaviour and sends worrying messages to impressionable youngsters.

The set was first discovered by Mrs Cave on a recent visit to Whitby, where it was displayed openly in a shop window. Theresa was horrified to overhear a young boy shouting at his mother to ‘buy me a stabbing man’ and after reading this Ian felt compelled to publicly support Teresa in her campaign.

The debate over these knives comes at a sensitive time for people in Redcar and Cleveland after recent series of incidents of knife crime and unprovoked violent attacks. Cleveland Police recently reported that incidents of knife crime had dropped in 2010, however, over 10 days in August, a succession of five attacks took place, two of which happened in Ian’s Redcar Constituency.

The designers of the knife block have claimed that they are not ‘designed to incite violence’, that it is an ‘artistic design, made tongue in cheek’, however Redcar MP Ian Swales said “ The artist may take a light hearted view of his creation but I feel this image should not be freely displayed to all ages. Anything which makes stabbing a human shaped figure seem OK, particularly to children, is offensive and should be withdrawn.’

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ian Swales gets on his bike

The Member of Parliament for Redcar, Ian Swales, will be joining a fundraising bike ride on Saturday 4th September. The event is one of around 50 'Fresh Air Miles' events taking place across the country to celebrate 15 years of the National Cycle Network.

The event is being hosted by leading UK charity Sustrans who help people to make smarter, healthier, cleaner and cheaper travel choices.Sustrans work with families, communities and partner organisations so that people really do have options.

Ian Swales will be joining Philip Chisholm who is Sustrans' volunteer liaison ranger in Redcar on the bike ride.It will start from Saltburn Allotments/Howard Drive,Marske at 2pm and he will ride to the Council's old Cargo Fleet Offices in South Bank. All are welcome to join in on the ride and Ian hopes to see a lot of local people get involved.

Ian said: “I am looking forward to taking part in the bike ride, it’s been a while since I was on a bicycle but its all good fun and for a good cause. I hope to have the chance to see the constituency from a different perspective and I am sure it will provide me with the opportunity to see where we could improve the green transport routes around the Borough of Redcar and Cleveland. Cycling is a great form of exercise, made all the more enjoyable by the many beautiful, scenic routes available to peddle around across the Borough.

For anybody who cannot join Ian on Saturday, but do want to get involved there is another bike ride taking place on Sunday 5th September starting on Majuba Road in Redcar at 10.30am.