Saturday, 31 May 2014

Time for the dreadful Daily Mail to BACK OFF

Since 2010 the dreadful Daily Mail has run the most vicious anti-Lib Dem campaign on page after page of the paper, day after day after day. 
Every columnist includes nasty remarks against individuals, stories are blown up well out of proportion. It cannot possibly be good for democracy if this is allowed to continue unchallenged.

1.7m people buy this paper. Millions more buy other Labour or Tory supporting titles that also target the Lib Dems each day albeit not as obsessively as the Daily Mail, It is bound to have an effect on those who read it and may well be at least partly responsible for the anti-Lib Dem mood in the country.
They clearly resent the fact 57 Lib Dem MPs have a moderating influence of the Conservatives and want to ensure we pay the price for it. They ignore totally the good things the Lib Dems have done in Government and can't admit the Conservatives cannot govern without us, or accept that we did it first and foremost for the good of the country at a time when the economy was in tatters. They ignored us completely for 80 years prior to 2010 now it is as if they aim to destroy us.
Members of Parliament, it appears to me, are afraid of taking on the press and telling them to back off but someone has to. They need to be held to account and be made to justify their vicious campaign.

The Daily Mail surely must be breach the journalist code of conduct. There is no balance at all. It cannot be fair by any stretch of the imagination but it goes unchallenged for want of someone with some clout to stand up and say “back off you have gone too far.”

Wise words from Massimo Cellino 2

"Brian (McDermott) is a great manager and a great guy. He has been unfortunate to work in such difficult circumstances. I did not fully understand the mess he had to work in, and the broken promises he had to deal with, until I have got involved trying to turn Leeds around. 

"He has been a gentleman to deal with in our discussions and has been very understanding of my wish to implement a new structure. His main concern and priority at all times has been the welfare and protection of Leeds United. I wish him well for the future where I am sure he will continue to have more success and thank him for his efforts in being a stabilising and unifying figure behind the scenes in very difficult circumstances.

"His honest efforts to guide us to the safety of mid-table when faced with many difficulties is appreciated by us all. He will always be a friend of Leeds United."

Source Yorkshire Evening Post

Friday, 30 May 2014

A pier for Redcar is achievable if you don't go over the top

At the first meeting of the new Regeneration Committee we talked about a pier for Redcar being included in the Local Plan. It was left out of the draft plan published last year. As you can see from the slide that was put up the majority group on the Council are still being very negative about it in spite of what they may say publicly. They refer to difficulties that may not actually be there.

I made the point, as I have done all along from day one, that a pier similar to that of Saltburn is achievable. At the current cost of £6m the Council can bring in funding if it puts it in the capital budget, draws up a plan and bids for it. Putting it in the Local Plan is a start but the commitment bit is actually putting it in the capital budget.

I say we should be concentrating on doing what is achievable because others are claiming to want a grandiose leisure facility of some kind on the end of it, which, quite frankly is a pipe dream at present. As I said when this campaign started around 2004 on a pier like Saltburn, which people could walk on and fish off was what we wanted.

That is achievable if the Council is willing to facilitate it. Once that is achieved if someone from the private sector comes along and is willing to finance a leisure facility on the end then fine but the important thing to concentrate on now is getting the pier. As you can see from the slide the Council is putting up smoke screens but at least we are making a step forward by putting it in the Local Plan.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ian Swales MP and Cllr Eric Howden to host Memorial Walk

To mark the centenary of the First World War, Ian Swales MP and Redcar British Legion Chair, Cllr Eric Howden will be hosting a sponsored walk around the war memorials in Redcar Constituency on Saturday 14 June 2014. The Standard from the Legion will be carried and present at each memorial and a cross will be placed.

20 miles in total, the walk will begin in New Marske Church at 8.00am and end at Redcar Cenotaph around 5.30pm. All proceeds will go to the Redcar British Legion’s Poppy Appeal and Blind Veterans UK. 

Ian and Eric would love for people to join them on the walk for as much or little as they feel able.  Meeting points and a lunch stop have been arranged so that people can join at different stages of the walk or come along to make donations.

To take part or find out more please contact (01642) 777940 or email

To sponsor the Memorial Walk please contact us or use the fundraising page:

Big majority in Yarm 4 Yorkshire Poll

24% voted in the Yarm 4 Yorkshire poll last night 1465 'Yes' and 177 'No.' 

On 22nd May1986 a similar poll in *Yarm voted 1675 'Yes' and 682 'No.' On that occasion 41.7% voted.

Also in 1986 *Guisborough voted overwhelmingly 4950 to 953 in favour of Yorkshire.

In *Loftus, however, the result was much closer. A 32.64% poll voted 1153 for Yorkshire and 1129 against. A majority of 24 in favour of Yorkshire, which was reported in the press as a 'Yorks vote snub.' 

The reason for this small majority was no doubt a lot to do with the campaign run by Loftus Labour Party who turned it into a choice between Labour and Tory, claiming 'a vote for North Yorkshire was a vote for Mrs Thatcher.'

*Source - The Fight For Yorkshire by Michael Bradford Hutton Press Ltd 1988.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Yarm is already in Yorkshire so no need for a vote

The 1972 Local Government Act, which came into force on 1st April 1974, put Yarm in a newly created County of Cleveland, under the administration of Cleveland County Council and the Borough of Stockton on Tees. It abolished North Riding County Council, under which Yarm had previously been administered, but it did not abolish the North Riding of Yorkshire. Government statements at the time and since confirm that the "changes were for local government purposes only. For all other purposes Yorkshire is still Yorkshire."

The 1992 Local Government Act, which came into force on 1st April 1996, abolished both Cleveland County Council and the County of Cleveland. It created a new Unitary Council of Stockton on Tees, which included Yarm. But in addition to that new "Ceremonial" Counties were created which legally put Yarm in North Yorkshire for all cultural and ceremonial purposes.

This should be perfectly clear to people and there should be no question at all about Yarm being well and truly part of Yorkshire but there are two problems which muddy the waters and create confusion.

One is the Labour Councillors and activists who see being part of Yorkshire as handing control to "Tory North Yorkshire." They refuse to see it simply as a question of geography - Yorkshire is from the River Tees to the River Humber, from the Pennines to the sea.

The other is the local media who have their readership catchment area that crosses the Tees so they look for a name that lumps us all together and Teesside fits the bill. It is so easy to turn it into a is it Yorkshire is it Teesside debate. The difference is Teesside is not a county Yorkshire is, end of argument.

Yarm's referendum result can be the catalyst for the powers that be alongside the River Tees to accept that south of the Tees we are part of Yorkshire for all cultural, ceremonial and sporting purposes.

It is perfectly legal and proper for the residents of Yarm, indeed all those living immediately south of the Tees, to use Yorkshire as part of their postal address; Councils can erect Yorkshire/Durham boundary signs on the bridges that cross the Tees; and mapmakers can include traditional county boundaries on maps along with local government areas and celebrate Yorkshire Day on 1st August. That is how you show your pride in Yorkshire. It is not about who controls the Council.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wise words from Massimo Cellino 1

"We are in Britain here and one of the best parts of Britain is Yorkshire." MASSIMO CELLINO ‪#‎LUFC‬

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Redcar Lib Dems name their team

Liberal Democrat councillors at Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council have re-elected Councillor Glyn Nightingale as their group leader.
Glyn, a retired teacher, represents the Ormesby ward and has been group leader since 2011. He will also speak for the group on finance.
Deputy Leader will be Cllr Josh Mason from Redcar (Zetland ward), who at 26 is one of the youngest councillors in the country. The Lib Dem Group will be chaired by Cllr Mike Carling, who takes over from Cllr Irene Nightingale.
The Lib Dem Group also elected its Shadow Cabinet for the next year. Cllr Mike Carling will speak on highways, transport and planning, whilst his West Dyke ward colleague Cllr Mary Ovens will cover health and children’s services.
Meanwhile, Cllr Chris Abbott will continue to speak on housing and community safety for the group, and Cllr Ron Harrison takes responsibility for economic development, environment and rural affairs. Deputy Leader Josh Mason will be group spokesperson on culture & leisure.
Cllr Glyn Nightingale said: “I am delighted to be re-elected as leader of the Liberal Democrat group. We have a track record of providing opposition and an alternative to Labour.
“The Tories are very weak in our borough whilst the so-called “Independents” have voted to keep Labour in control.
“Council Tax bills are going up whilst Labour fails to get the basics right. Our Borough needs an effective opposition that can hold Labour to account.”