Thursday, 9 August 2007

League clubs kick United when they are down - so what's new?

Posted by Chris:

So the league clubs have voted to back the spiteful decision of Football League Chairman Lord Mawhinny - well they would wouldn't they.

How ironic that one of those able to vote was Peter Ridsdale, now at Cardiff, who was in charge at Leeds when we got into this mess in the first place. How did he vote I wonder?

Why would Mawhinny not say exactly which rules Leeds had broken when he made his smug comments on Sky Sports News after the event? If it is true what he says and Leeds cannot pursue this most unfair penalty through the courts then we are just going to have to get on with it.

Dennis Wise says 105 points are required if we are to get out of the third division and with the present squad this is probably an impossible task. But 'hot shot' Lorimer, my favourite footballer during the great years, has come out fighting and has shown the right attitude. So has good old Barry Fry who was at least sympathetic and encouraging. We need to use this to motivate both players and fans to fight back and be determined to win every game in League 1. Tell the League to stuff the Carling Cup this year Ken and concentrate on one thing and one thing alone - getting the points to get out of League 1 as fast as possible.

We don't care if the sun don't shine what the hell do we care?
For we only know if there's going to be a show that Leeds United will be there.

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Norfolk Blogger said...

Im sorry to disagree, but is the same Leeds who went in to adminstration at the end of the season to avoid a points reduction this season ?

Is this the same Leeds that owes the government a small fortune ?

As a football fan I am sorry that leedes are in the state they are in, but there are rules and leeds appear to have flouted them. I wish them luck next year, I doubt now that they will go up, but if Leeds had sorted themselves out earlier and if Ken Bates does not know the rules (which I doubt) then Leeds were due for a punishment and unlike the Premiership whose rules are broken all the time and cirumvented in favour of people in the club (look at what happened to West Ham as evidence), the Football League are much more transparent in their actions.

Good luck for next year.