Sunday, 19 August 2007

Shrimpers first to shrivel under the heat of passionate fans

Leeds United are top of League One, that is if you disregard the little matter of the 15 point penalty.

Ken Bates letter to members and season ticket holders clearly sets out a strong case for encouraging the feeling that Leeds have had a raw deal and Ken is the man to lead us back to the glory days, that is if you disregard the petty digs he can't resist having at his rival bidders.

His promise of investment in the youth policy and his realistic assessment of the way forward is encouraging.

Listening to Saturday's game against the Shrimpers, on Yorkshire Radio, was like going back in time. The crowd were back to their noisy and electrifying best and when Southend drew level Leeds responded like a team carried by the passion of the fans and the will to win against all the odds.

The 15 points penalty will inspire the feeling that Leeds have had a raw deal for a long time to come and if it leads to ruthless performances like the one yesterday it will not be long before the team are climbing up the table.

Leeds United 4 Southend United 1

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