Thursday, 9 August 2007

Leeds United 0 Taxman 1 (og Football League)

Leeds United have published an initial response to the "perverse" outcome of today's meeting of Football League Clubs.

Quote of the day: "Football Family seems to be driven by self interest."


Anonymous said...

I reckon saying that the Club will be "concentrating on starting its promotion campaign" is quite some quote too considering the circumstances.

Sadly, my ghast could not be less flabbered that the Football League clubs did this. The League 1 clubs have voted themselves a 5 game head start, the League 2 clubs have improved their chances of a season with great paydays against a big club, and the Championship clubs know they almost certainly have an extra season when they won't face a real competitor for one of those highly prized Premiership promotion places.

"self interest" indeed.

Anonymous said...

Leeds have got their just deserts. The League are correct in docking points from them because they have broken the rules.

I am amazed that Ken Bates is allowed to run Leeds after what he nearly did at Chelsea That is he took them to the brink of bankrupcy. Get real. Stop moaning and get some rich businessmen from Leeds together to form a consortium to rescue the club before its too late.

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

You are entitled to your opinion anonymous but why be anonymous?

Ken Bates is a controversial figure but he came in with the money when we nearly went to the wall with a group of Leeds business people. I am sure that if there are people prepared to invest in Leeds then now the club are free of debt, subject to the outcome of legal action by the taxman, they will appear soon.

Anonymous said...

No Leeds are not free of debt. They still owe the taxman and West Yorkshire Police a great deal of money.

If they don't get paid the Police and Revenue and Customs are quite within their rights to go to the courts to petition for a winding up order. They should not settle for anything less than what they are owed.

Football needs to be taught a lesson that it cannot live beyond its means.

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

Unlikely anonymous.