Friday, 3 August 2007


This is a most ridiculous situation.

How can this be fair a 15 point deduction when they already had 10 deducted last season?

Obviously the Football League have acted in a petulant response to the fact that Leeds went into administration just before the end of last season to avoid the 10 point reduction being added at the start of this season. They have found a way round it to get back at Mr Bates.

I am glad to learn that Leeds are to appeal. Leeds supporters must wage the biggest and loudest protest ever against this absolutely outrageous action.

Very few teams have survived in a division with a 10 point deduction it will be a miracle if Leeds can survive this. How can they recruit decent players now?

We shall fight, fight, fight
for Leeds United.


Anonymous said...

At least we get to live to fight another day, but it does stink. KMPG have made a right hash of the Administration process.

Even the league's statement implies criticism of the Admin... stating "The Football League Board agreed that, notwithstanding the manner in which this administration has been conducted, the club should be permitted to continue in the Football League,"

Bates has played fast and loose with the rules, but KMPG allowed him to. From the moment we went into Admin, it was KPMG who were in charge, and it is their mishandling that means we never got an agreed CVA, and thus this excessively draconian penalty.

Anonymous said...
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charcoal said...

they're lucky to be allowed to play at all. They used a loophole to make the 10 point deduction meaningless, basically sticking two fingers up at the league. They've ignored all the league's rules for clubs in administration, and the administration process itself stinks to high heaven.

What they've done is a disgrace to football and if it were properly investigated I reckon there's be a few folk in the dock. And don't forget, seven million squid of taxpayers money has gone walkabout, so don't rule out an investigation tet.

And before anyone starts slagging me off, I'm a Leeds lad born and bred whose sickened by what's been done.

Anonymous said...

well, in any case, they're playing against the mighty donnny rovers and hartlepool this season...should be nice to see the smaller grounds of football and get back to working class roots. mind you, leeds are still gonna lose in their current form.