Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Labour Council boss hides from budget scrutiny

Redcar Councillors were shocked this week when the Leader of the Council refused to attend a cross party scrutiny meeting to explain his budget.
The Scrutiny Board is the key way Labour Leader Cllr Dunning can be held accountable for his actions and can question him on his justifications the major changes he wants to make.
Leader of the Lib Dem group Councillor Glyn Nightingale said:
“Cllr Dunning's failure to face the Scrutiny Board is another in a long line of actions by Labour Council bosses which do little to encourage open debate and democracy.
“Councillors were unable ask him in person why he is refusing a Government grant to freeze Council Tax for another year and increasing Council Tax by 3.5%.
“In light of his refusal to attend I can’t help but ask what he is trying to hide from the people of Redcar & Cleveland."
Meanwhile, Lib Dem Councillors have put an online poll on the group's website about the council tax freeze. Please be click here to vote and encourage others to do the same.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Newcomen Ward residents show their contempt for Labour's obnoxious smearmongering

Tomorrow is Election Day in the Newcomen Ward By-Election to replace my wife Glynis who died on 7th November.

Within less than 24 hours of Glynis's funeral Labour's smear leaflets started dropping through the letterboxes of local residents, including that of my daughter Kelly and her family.  Labour have reached new lows with smear after smear, lie after lie, allegation after allegation and absolutely nothing about what Labour are doing on the Council or plan to do in the future.

We knew from what people were saying to Lib Dem canvassers on the doorstep that many residents were complaining about the "obnoxious smearmongering antics" of the Labour candidate and his team. But I have never seen anything like these notices which have appeared on doors in Corporation Road (top), and Windermere Avenue (bottom).

Published and promoted by Chris Abbott on behalf of Dave Stones (Liberal Democrats) all at 3 Rydal Avenue, Redcar, Yorkshire, TS10 1JB.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


At New Marske Institute Sat 21st Jan 2012 7.30pm
Tickets £4 including Buffet

Redcar Athletic FC Senior Section has organised a Race Night to raise funds for the installation of the club's floodlights.

The Club have horses left to own. If your horse wins its race you win a cash prize. Your name is entered in the Race Night programme as the owner of a horse. Cost is £5.00.

Sponsor a race and receive 4 VIP Tickets, reserved seating with a bottle of wine, the Race named after your business/company an advert in the evenings’ programme and the opportunity to present the winning owner in your race with their prize value £30
If you are interested please e mail kevfryett@hotmail.com or telephone 07854935380

Also as part of the Floodlight Appeal the club have a fantastic offer which means that you could win a full hospitality package at the forthcoming Boro v the mighty Leeds United on Sat 10th March 2012.

Lib Dem Councillor Ron Harrison slams Labour slurs

Speaking at a meeting of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Zetland Ward CouncilIor Ron Harrison hit out at claims by a Maverick Labour Councillor that "Lib Dem Councillors laughed at the disabled."

"I would like to correct a misunderstanding which appears to have occurred during the full council meeting in November.

"Cllr T. Learoyd has written extensively in the press and in leaflets which have been distributed to thousands of homes in Redcar that Liberal Democrat members were laughing at disabled people during the meeting.

"I clearly and categorically wish to state that this was not the case and I am disgusted that another councillor would say that it was.

"The laughter which took place and which was not restricted to Liberal Democrat members was actually provoked by the ridiculous and bizarre histrionics that Cllr Learoyd subjects us to every time he speaks in public.

"The quality of humility and the ability to laugh at one’s self is one which Cllr Learoyd would do well to develop - as he gains some maturity.

"Finally, Cllr Learoyd consistently uses the bullying politics of the playground, something which I have never accepted in the past and which I refuse to accept now.

"I therefore call upon him to apologise unreservedly, as he is driving a coach and horses through the members’ code of conduct."

See also an earlier article on the same subject.