Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Time that fenced off area was sorted out at Redcar

This time last year Redcar was heaving with visitors enjoying the town's transformation into Dunkirk for the filming of Atonement on the sea front. This year the view that welcomes people is the fencing around the boating lake.

Ian Swales, (pictured) Liberal Democrats Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar has hit out at the lack of action being taken to finish the improvement work started on the site in April this year.

"The lake was drained and fencing put around the area but as soon as the Council elections were over the work was put on hold. What a dismal experience greets visitors staying at the caravan site or walking from Coatham car park. Can you imagine this happening at Torquay or similar resorts?

"This work was supposed to go ahead regardless of any legal action being taken by protesters against the Coatham Links Scheme and it is time this was sorted out as a matter of urgency. Tourism is supposed to be one of the main activities in Redcar."

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