Wednesday, 1 August 2007

...and they wear the rose the wrong way round as well

Lancashire Rose - Courtesy of the Friends of Real Lancashire

North Riding - West Riding - East Riding

Posted by Chris

Moaning about Leeds United in my previous posting, and as it's Yorkshire Day, reminded me that the rose on the team crest is shown point upwards which is the Lancashire way round. It should be point downwards in the West Riding -see illustrations.

I pointed this out to Peter Ridsdale, at a Supporters Club Meeting in Harrogate, some years ago and he promised to look at it but never did.
The rose is traditionally displayed point downwards in the North and West Ridings and point upwards in the East Riding.
Legend has it that the nobility in the East Riding supported the Duke of Lancaster in the Wars of the Roses. The College of Herelds will say that either way is correct but I prefer to go by tradition in this case.

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