Friday, 3 August 2007

Fiona's Little Helper

Posted by Chris:

When our three year old grandson, Daniel, asked to come with me this morning when I set out to deliver Focus and Fiona Hall MEP's Annual Report I readily agreed.

Carrying Fiona's glossy leaflet along with Focus is heavy work and by putting the carrier bag on the push chair solves that problem.

What I didn't expect was Daniel's willingness to help. We went on our delivery round with Daniel holding some of the leaflets in his lap and handing me one of each when we got to a garden gate.

He was happy as Larry singing Postman Pat and using his favourite cbeebies phrases like "we'll get the job done in no time."

With Focus No 255 now being distributed in Newcomen Ward we must be one of the most frequent in the land having delivered No 1 in October 1984, though I am sure someone will be along to say they have produced more in their Ward?

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