Saturday, 14 December 2013

Scandal of the Redcar Beacon and the visitors to the toilet

Talking up Redcar by using figures that are based on a lie is dishonest and is counterproductive. It eventually gets found out as it did thanks to Councillor Steve Kay.

To sneer at someone for revealing the truth is a disgrace. All summer long the Council has been reporting visitor figures to the Redcar Beacon that nobody believed were true. There was even a big fuss for 'the 100,000th visitor' without ever saying they were including people who were only there to use the toilet. Thanks to Steve Kay we now know the truth. This is not evidence of increased visitor figures. That many people used the perfectly good toilets that were demolished to make way for this eyesore every year.

Interesting that Labour people are claiming the Evening Gazette should not be reporting this but concentrating on the fact that the Council has agreed to retain the Cabinet system which allows it to ignore residents views and keep us in the dark about the real cost of things.

It is a scandal that these figures were used so much over the summer without explaining that most people were only there to use the toilet. It is a scandal too that we were told the cost of the building was £1.6 million when it is more than £3 million. The public said they didn't want it and were ignored. They will not be happy that the cost is more than double what was claimed.

A pier for Redcar is achievable if the Council, as the development authority, produces a plan and facilitates it. But not if, as appears to be happening with the campaign group, you get grandiose ideas about structures on the end of it and appear willing to accept fake figures produced by the Council as the basis for attracting funding. That is treating the grant providers as idiots and they are not. Nor will the public continue to support a pier if they find the Council's contribution and this could be as much as half, will be endless millions.

A simple pier based on the one at Saltburn is achievable for around £6 million and the Council's contribution to this will be a reasonable amount spread over a long period. With the help of our MP that can happen. If you start producing plans for grandiose schemes Redcar people will say no and people outside the town will be up in arms.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lowest unemployment since 2009

Liberal Democrats in Redcar and Cleveland Borough are delighted that unemployment in the Area is at its lowest since April 2009, following another fall in October.
Research also shows that unemployment in the area fell each month since February this year.
Lib Dem Council Group Leader Glyn Nightingale said:
“It is great to end the year with some good news like this. The fall in unemployment across the year means a happier Christmas for many local families. I am sure that the economic recovery will continue next year.
“There is still more to do, but it shows that the Government’s policies are working to provide growth, prosperity and jobs to our area.
“I am particularly pleased that Wilton-based Applied Graphene Materials are planning to increase their workforce from 10 to over 30 in the near future."

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lib Dems demand a pier at Redcar

Liberal Democrats are asking Redcar and Cleveland Council’s Labour bosses to back local residents who want a pier at Redcar.
At the meeting of the Council on 12 December, Lib Dem Councillor Chris Abbott will ask the Labour Cabinet Member to agree for a  pier to be included in the Local Plan.
Councillor Chris Abbott, who represents Newcomen Ward, said:
“Councillors have been inundated with emails from local residents pressing for a pier to be included in the Local Plan.
“The Council needs to show it is listening.”
Lib Dem Group Leader Glyn Nightingale added:
“Ian Swales MP says that the Council needs to produce a plan for a pier so that he can press the Government for grant funding.
“The Council can help to facilitate this but nothing will happen unless they show some commitment.”
Councillor Josie Crawford, who represents the coastal ward of Coatham, said:
"A  pier will further regenerate Redcar by adding an extra tourist attraction. This will bring more people from outside into the town.
"I know from talking to people in my ward how popular it would be for Redcar to have a pier again."

Pictured left to right Lib Dem Councillors Mary Ovens, Irene Nightingale, Josh Mason, Chris Abbott, Josie Crawford, Ron Harrison, John Earl, Glyn Nightingale.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Ian Swales MP to host second public flooding meeting in Redcar this week

Member of Parliament for Redcar Constituency, Ian Swales MP, has arranged the second public meeting in Redcar for residents to be updated on the findings of Northumbrian Water and Redcar and Cleveland Council following the severe flooding experienced in September.
Ian met both parties recently and was assured that their draft report would soon be made available to the public. At the meeting this week, the main findings and a plan of action for the future will be discussed and the report should be made available following this.
Commenting Ian said:
"It's really important that we have a proper plan in place to ensure that there can be no repeat of the devastation caused on September 6.
"Although the report is long overdue, I hope the Council and Northumbrian Water will now be prepared to make strong commitments and provide the answers people need.
"I will certainly not give up campaigning on this issue until I'm satisfied that everything possible is being done to prevent future flooding."
Ian has written to all constituents who have made contact about the flooding to invite them to the meeting which will take place at Redcar Academy on Thursday 12th December at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.