Thursday, 23 August 2007

Lib Dems Demand Better Bus Services for Ings Farm Estate

Liberal Democrat Councillors in West Dyke Ward are demanding a meeting with Arriva bus company bosses to discuss improving bus services to the Ings Farm Estate in Redcar.

Councillors Joyce Benbow, Mike Carling and Mary Ovens recently carried out a survey to every home in the Castle Road area. This follows numerous complaints about unreliability of the 22 service, and the condition of buses.

The survey reinforced the dissatisfaction of many residents, particularly the elderly.

Councillor Mary Ovens said:

“We had a very high number of survey forms returned, and this confirmed the view that the bus service is unsatisfactory in many ways.”

“Many users are unhappy with the number of late and cancelled buses, whilst others are concerned about the condition and cleanliness of the vehicles. On occasions the attitude of some drivers towards elderly customers has been highly questionable.”

Councillor Joyce Benbow added:

“The Arriva Customer Promise refers to a comfortable journey, being helpful and courteous and treating people with respect and says that “we try to run all our buses on time”. It appears that they are falling well short of their own targets.”

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