Wednesday, 29 August 2007

That horrible motion - Labour are just having a laugh at the expense of residents

Posted by Chris:

I have now received an early copy of the agenda for the meeting on 6th September. The Labour motion to ditch Yorkshire is as follows:

Moved by Councillor Rudland and duly seconded by Councillor Dunning that:

"This Council is concerned that the inclusion of Yorkshire as part of the Council's postal address is contrary to this authority's commitment to economic development and strategic planning within the Tees Valley.

It would be in the interests of the Borough of Redcar & Cleveland to demonstrate our focus on issues that effect the Tees Valley by removing Yorkshire from the Council's postal address, and replacing it with Redcar and Cleveland.

This Council resolves to instruct the Chief Executive to arrange, at no additional cost, to delete Yorkshire from the Council's address as soon as practicable and replace it with the words Redcar and Cleveland."

This is virtually identical wording to the motion that included Yorkshire in the first place. They are simply being mischievous in doing this. The mover is particularly anti Yorkshire for some reason and it does not surprise me that he is the one who is behind it.

The people of Brotton, the ward he represents, are particularly strong in their support for Yorkshire, as are all the east Cleveland villages. 'Tees Valley' is nothing more than a group of Council's linked together for economic development purposes. Nothing wrong with that but It has nothing to do with geography and it is most definitely not a county. Having an address that includes Yorkshire has nothing to do with economic development or strategic planning and changing it to match the made up name of the Council is simply silly. The name of the Council has changed numerous times over the past 40 years.

The positive response from the public when we introduced the change four years ago was overwhelming and we hoped that this would give us back our identity. It is now hoped that the spiteful action of the Labour Councillors will backfire on them.

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