Monday, 27 July 2009

Yorkshire flags for sale

It's Yorkshire Day on Saturday and there is just enough time to order your new Yorkshire flag and other Yorkshire products. Please download and print off the form above and send it to YRS Products 39 Essex Close, Redcar, Yorkshire, TS10 4BY.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

North Riding Duck Race 2009

To enter the 2009 North Riding Duck race please download, fill in and send off the form above to: Cllr Chris Abbott, 39 Essex Close, Redcar, Yorkshire, TS10 4BY together with entry fees (£1.00 per entry). Please make cheques payable to Yorkshire Ridings Society.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council Licence No LOTO241. Promoter Chris Abbott, 39 Essex Close, Redcar, Yorkshire, TS10 4BY.

True Yorkshire Credit Crunch Calendar 2010

We are now taking orders for our black and white 2010 True Yorkshire Calendar featuring Yorkshire recipes, which is published on Yorkshire Day, price £1 plus 80p postage and packing. A5 on card.

Please make cheques payable to Yorkshire Ridings Society and post your order to:

YRS Products, 39 Essex Close, Redcar, Yorkshire, TS10 4BY.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Lib Dems make it a hat trick of wins from Labour in Redcar

Redcar Liberal Democrats completed a hat trick of sensational victories from Labour in less than twelve months when Eric Howden won the Dormanstown By Election held on Thursday 23rd July.

The result was as follows:

Eric Howden LD 805 (52.3; +27.2)
Lab 515 (33.5; -18.6)
BNP 145 (9.4; +9.4)
Con 73 (4.7; -18.0)
Majority 290
Turnout 29.88%
LD gain from Lab

For the third time Labour has lost its overall majority on the Council. After each of the previous two by-elections Labour managed to persuade one of the Council’s seven independents to help them cling onto power.

Candidate Eric Howden said: "I am delighted we have won. It was an extremely professional campaign by the Lib Dems. I will do my best to repay the confidence they and the people of Dormanstown have placed in me."

Prospective MP for Redcar, Ian Swales, said: “This is a terrific result for the Liberal Democrats. It's clear that people have had enough of Labour both locally and nationally. This is yet another election showing that it's the Liberal Demorats who can beat Labour here.

“We had an excellent candidate in Eric Howden and I'm sure he will do a great job for the people of Dormanstown.”

Councillor Chris Abbott, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the Council said: “The cock has crowed three times for Labour and it is time they got the message. In the two years they have been back in control of the Council they have destroyed all the good work the previous Lib Dem led Coalition had achieved.”

The composition of the Council is now:

Labour - 24

Liberal Democrats - 16

Conservative - 11

Independents supporting Labour - 4

Independents – 3

Vacancy - 1

In the town of Redcar Liberal Democrats now hold 10 of the 15 seats, to Labour’s 4 and the Tories 1.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Lib Dems at the Save our Steel Rally in Redcar

Part of the Lib Dem team at Saturday's Save our Steel rally in Redcar. Left to Right back row. Steven Abbott, Debbie Abbott. Front row Cllr Mary Ovens, Ian Swales Prospective MP for Redcar, Cllr Chris Abbott, Jackie Carling, Ann Wilson, Eric Howden, Lib Dem Candidate in Thursday's Dormanstown Ward By Election, Cllr Mike Carling, Cllr Glyn Nightingale.

Call for Scrutiny Panel investigation into the flooding problems in Redcar

From our back door on Friday

From our front door on Friday
Posted by Chris.

I have sent in the following request for a Scrutiny Panel investigation into the flooding problems in Redcar and the Borough of Redcar and Cleveland as a whole.

I find that there seems to be a certain amount of concern about whether enough is being done by the relevant authorities to reduce the threat of flooding, which is devastating to those it keeps happening to.

I would like to suggest that a Scrutiny Panel is set up to investigate the problem of flooding in the Borough as a whole and would be obliged if you will forward this for consideration.
Residents have a number of theories about what is going wrong and it they need to be investigated.

1. Is the Council carrying out gully clearing often enough and in some areas is it being done at all?

2. There are underground streams which were culverted in years gone by but are they capable of handling the type of rainfall we occasionally get nowadays? I understand the West Dyke, which runs through Locke Park also meanders around the area of Mersey Road which is prone to flooding. The same properties are affected this time.

3. Protection of wild fowl habitats on Coatham Marsh is a wonderful thing but is the water that is being held back for their benefit contributing to the problem of flooding? Are sluice gates being kept closed to prevent water draining away?

4. I understand that Northumbrian Water recently carried out major drainage works in the corner of Locke Park where it meets the junction of Corporation Road and Kirkleatham Lane. Major flooding occurred there. What were these drainage works and have they been successful.

5. More and more concrete is placed on the ground in the Borough. As years go by is the drainage system capable of dealing with this? Are there areas where water has nowhere to run off?

6. Is the drainage system in the older parts of Redcar and other areas of the Borough capable of dealing with all the extra housing that has been built and is planned in the future?

Have you got a picture of the foods in Redcar? Email me and we will publish them in this blog.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Celebrate Yorkshire Day in Saltburn

Celebrate Yorkshire Day
August 1st

Saltburn Valley Gardens

Watch the

North Riding Duck Race
2:30 p.m.

Visit the Owls
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Sports and Activities
for Young People

Kiddie’s Trampolines and Rides

Various Stalls

Raffle, Tombola

Yorkshire Tea and Cakes
In the Tea-Room
All Day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)