Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lib Dems vote for new leadership at Redcar and Cleveland Council

Liberal Democrats today proposed a motion of no-confidence in the Labour leadership at Redcar and Cleveland Council.
Labour leader George Dunning survived the no-confidence vote by 27 votes to 13. All the Liberal Democrat members present voted for the motion, but received little support from the other opposition parties.
Lib Dem Council Group Leader Glyn Nightingale, who proposed the motion, said:
“This is not about Cllr Dunning as an individual, it’s the Labour administration that he leads. They are just not listening to the people and have no clear direction for the future of the borough.
“After the wasting of £1.6 million on a vertical pier that no-one wants, the highest council tax increase in the country when most others had a freeze, £125,000 spent refurbishing a Town Hall just before it was demolished and the fiasco of parking charges in Saltburn, surely there is enough reason for Labour to be made to stand aside.
“I am very disappointed that only one Conservative and only one Independent voted to change the administration."
A recorded vote took place and will be published in the minutes of the meeting. 
Whilst Labour Councillors were whipped to vote against the motion on no-confidence in the Leader, it was interesting to see some of the Labour members falling out amongst themselves during the debate and hear others criticise their own administration.

The vote of no-confidence in the Leader was the only way to change the Leadership of the Council after Labour had lost its overall majority following the defection of two Labour Councillors to Independent. Clearly only the Liberal Democrats were prepared to take on the challenge of running the Council after the Conservatives and Independents failed to answer the call to take responsibility and help make the Council more stable, effective and responsive to the public.

UPDATE 06/09/2013:

The recorded vote for the vote of no confidence was as follows:

For: Cllrs Abbott (Lib Dem), Carling (Lib Dem), Curr (Lib Dem), Earl (Lib Dem), Harrison (Lib Dem), Howden (Lib Dem), Kay (Ind), Mason (Lib Dem), Moses (Lib Dem), G Nightingale (Lib Dem), I Nightingale (Lib Dem), Ovens (Lib Dem) and Thomson (Con). Total = 13

Against: Cllrs Ayre (Lab), Bunn (Lab), Clarke (Lab), Dunlop (Lab), Dunning (Lab), Forster (Lab), Goddard (Lab), Goldswain (Lab), Guy (Lab), JP Hannon (IND), M Hannon (Lab), Hunt (IND), Jackson (Lab), S Jeffrey (Lab), V Jeffries (Lab), Lanigan (IND), Massey (Lab), McLuckie (Lab), Pallister (Lab), Peters (Lab), Pickthall (Lab), Reyer (IND), Rudland (Lab), Simms (Lab), Wall (Lab), Walsh (Lab) and Williams (IND). Total = 27

Abstain: Cllrs Fitzpatrick (Ind), Halton (Con), C Jeffery (Con), G Jeffery (Con), I Jeffrey (Lab), Pryce (IND), Quigley (Lab), Spencer (Con) and Szintai (Lab). Total = 9

Absent: The Councillors who were not there to vote were: Cllrs Briggs (Lab), Cooney (Con), Crawford (Lib Dem), Helm (Ind), Hogg (Lab), Keenan (Lab), Learoyd (IND), Smith (IND), Suthers (Lab) and Wilson (Lib Dem). Total = 10