Sunday, 12 August 2007

Haddock and Chips with salt and brown vinegar

Posted by Chris:

I love fish and chips. I prefer haddock to cod and here on the north east coast of Yorkshire the fish and chip shops sell mainly cod. Most do haddock as well but you have to wait for them to cook it and many of them leave the skin on for some reason. Glynis, originally from Whitby, prefers cod.

It is therefore a highlight of our fishing trips to the Thirsk area, visit to parents in Harrogate or to the Yorkshire Ridings Society meetings in York, that I get a portion of my favourite haddock and chips. For years we got them from the fish and chip shop in Thirsk that was just off the Market Place, on the road leading to the Herriot Centre. We turned up there recently and were horrified to find that it had turned into a Chinese takeaway. We now need to find an alternative in the Thirsk area - any suggestions? The other one we use regularly is just off Knaresborough Market Place, I forget the name but it almost backs on to the bus station.

One way of telling a good fish and chip shop is often by the colour of the vinegar. Some of them water it down and the paler the colour the more they do it. The fish and chips are usually dreadful as well.


Simon said...

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, because the queues are bad enough as it is, but Dougie's on King Edward's Drive in Harrogate is the best fish and chip shop in the world. Truly.

Graveleys in the town centre are good too.

Thirsk - the place on the middle of the market square - White Horse?? - are usually OK.

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

Thanks have seen the one in King Edwards Drive and it may be the one where my Grandma, who used to live at 86 Butler Road used to get them. Will try it when we are next in town.