Thursday, 10 August 2006

Tides predicted to reach a 10 year high

The Environmental Agency has issued a ‘News Release, ‘which states that the highest tides for the next ten years are predicted to hit the North East and Yorkshire coastline this autumn.

The high tides are forecast for August 11-13, September 9-11 and October 7-10 but their severity is dependent on weather conditions such as wind strength and duration as well as atmospheric pressure.

The tides in September and October are the highest and could be more than 3.08 metres depending on the weather conditions in the areas close to North Shields and Whitby, while August’s tides could be more than 2.87 metres in the same areas.

In Redcar the high tides over the forthcoming weekend are due at:-

Fri. 11 Aug 04:31 and 17:10
Sat. 12 Aug 05:13 and 17:54
Sun. 13 Aug 05:55 and 18:39

Although the forecasted weather conditions for the weekend do not cause concern, arrangements have been made for the Council’s Highway Partner, Alfred McAlpine to provide resources to monitor the situation along the Council’s coastline.

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