Sunday, 13 August 2006

July 2001 Council markets Coatham Enclosure but can't guarantee a new Swimming Pool

Focus 212 July 2001

Join the fight for a new swimming pool in Redcar

RESIDENTS have come out strongly in favour of a new swimming pool for Redcar.

The Council's Director of Development has reported that a six-month programme to market the Coatham Enclosure for leisure uses will start shortly, but has pointed out that there is no guarantee that potential partners or developers will want to build a swimming pool. On this basis, it would appear that the people of Redcar might have to raise the necessary finance themselves.

As an independent organisation it might be possible to do just this. It will involve a lot of work and commitment. The Focus Team would like to know what residents think about the idea? Are you prepared to help? Please contact Chris & Glynis Abbott as soon as possible

In Focus 213 we asked resident to give their opinion on the level of priority that should be given to the provision of a Swimming Pool facility at Redcar.

In Focus 214 we reported the results as follows High Priority 240, Low Priority 22, No Priority 0, No Answer 12.

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