Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Coatham Enclosure is not a Village Green

Councillor Vera Moody, speaking as Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said: "Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council has been told that an application for judicial review for a Village Green at Coatham in Redcar has been refused.

"The Honourable Mr Justice Collins at the High Court of Justice, London, found that 'the inspector's findings of fact, following a careful and detailed review of the evidence heard over 6 days at the inquiry, cannot be impugned'.

"This means that following a lengthy and thorough process of review the final decision is that the land at Coatham Enclosure is not a Village Green.

"His observations also state 'in the circumstances, it is quite impossible to show that the Council's decision was wrong in law. It is highly likely that this claim was not lodged within the maximum period of 3 months and certainly it was not lodged promptly. There has been no excuse provided for the delay which is another reason not to grant permission'.

"This is simply the fantastic news that we've been hoping for. You simply have to look at the Coatham Enclosure to know that it is not a Village Green.

"Sir Andrew Collins observations about no excuse for delay, show to me, that this was never a genuine claim but simply an attempt to sabotage a scheme that will breathe new life into Redcar and the Borough and that the applicants stalling for time has simply undermined their case.

"This means that one less hurdle stands in the way of a fantastic development that will create at least 200 new jobs, bring much needed high quality housing, state of the art leisure facilities and hundreds of thousands more visitors to Redcar a year."

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