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August 2003 Draft development plans released for consultation

Focus 229 August 2003

Draft Development Plans for Coatham Enclosure about to be released for Public Consultation

PROPOSALS to develop Coatham Enclosure with a mixture of Housing and leisure facilities will go out to public consultation in the next few weeks.

The plans, presented by Persimmon Homes, include 294 houses and apartments, a swimming pool, an extreme sports centre, viewing tower, shops and a pub.

All will be subject to public approval, finance and further technical considerations. If approved it is expected that they will be considered for Planning Permission in May 2004, with a possible start on site in January 2005.

The above article was distributed in both Newcomen and Coatham Wards

Consultation took place in the autumn of 2003 and the results were referred to the Council's cabinet on 16th March 2004. At Cabinet we responded to the views expressed by residents and requested numerous changes to produce an even better, more ambitious scheme.

It included the provision of both a 25 metre swimming pool and a leisure pool, reduced size of sea front apartments, sea front parking, a dance floor, extra parking and better sight lines through the housing part of the development.

This was to delay progress and went to a second public consultation. In spite of a determined campaign to disrupt it, the results showed considerable public support for the proposals and this was backed up by a Mori survey.

In Issue 233 we surveyed residents with the following question:

Please highlight what should be the Council's priorities for Redcar

YES/NO - Develop Tourism in Redcar
YES/NO - Development of Coatham Enclosure
YES/NO - Support Wind Turbines in Coatham Bay
YES/NO - Make Redcar the civic centre of the Borough

In Issue 235 we reported back the results as folows:

Develop Tourism in Redcar
Yes 180, No 26, No Answer 64.

Development of Coatham Enclosure
Yes 144, No 64, No Answer 62.

Support Wind Turbines in Coatham Bay
Yes 106, No 92, No Answer 72

Make Redcar the civic centre of the Borough
Yes 156, No 24, No Answer 90.

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