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August 1993 and the plans are still on the shelf

Focus August 1993

When will Redcar get some real regeneration?

REDCAR regeneration is not about the wasteful replacement of good paving on the Esplanade and the erection of a few flagpoles.

Three years ago, in the June 1990 edition, the FOCUS team welcomed the report on the study by Consultants, Drivas Jonus. Listed below are some of the proposals which the FOCUS team felt were right for the town:

WILTON STREET AREA: This could be re-developed with covered access onto a pedestrianised High Street, a sensible traffic management scheme, road re-alignment and better car parking provision.

KIRKLEATHAM STREET AREA: We prefer sheltered housing or civic or cultural buildings on this site not light industry.

COATHAM ENCLOSURE: Removal of the lorry park to a site inland. Re-alignment of MAJUBA ROAD. Possible residential development on the sea front. Improvements to the Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool, plus private sector leisure developments.

Says Cllr Stan Wilson:

"In 1991, the Labour Party took control of the Council and set us back years. They threw out the £50m Motor Sports development, sneered at the TDC, and then wondered why their bid for City Challenge grant money for Redcar was turned down.

This edition of Focus was distributed in Newcomen and Coatham Wards.

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