Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Redcar and Cleveland Council receives an apology from CPRE

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council has received an apology from the Campaign to Protect Rural England after it was wrongly listed in a press release regarding building low density houses.

The CPRE said that it received a message from the Department for Communities and Local Government, telling them that there is an error in some of its published figures, which were placed on its website in May.

The analysis carried out by the CPRE was based on these figures relating to density.

The CPRE continued "we are sorry that the Government has put incorrect figures in the public domain, and trust it will soon publish correct figures on its website."

A Council spokesman also said: "That in any event these figures are up-to 5 years old and are concerned with house building not granting a planning permission, which is the only element under the council's control.

"Planning permission for building in 2001 dates back to as much as 10 years earlier before Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council even existed.

"We are pleased that CPRE have admitted their error but even if they were right it would have been pretty meaningless and not worthy of the description of 'named and shamed'."

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