Tuesday, 27 April 2010

NHS must be protected - Ian Swales

Commenting on today’s focus on health, Redcar Liberal Democrat candidate Ian Swales wants less waste and a new approach to the NHS.

Ian said:

“The NHS is a vital service that must be protected, but the Government have increased careless administrative bureaucracy and funded hospitals through Private Finance Initiatives. Across in Durham the taxpayer is paying back £521m for a £60m hospital.

“That so much money is wasted as unemployment in Redcar rises is incredibly disappointing. To protect the NHS we need to stop the waste of public money by the old Government.

“Patients must come first and money must go to where it is needed. The Liberal Democrats would scrap central targets and guarantee treatment on time. Local people should have the power to stop local hospital closures through elected health boards.

“The Liberal Democrats have a practical approach to the NHS that would change the way the power flows, back to patients, doctors and nurses.”

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