Monday, 3 May 2010

Redcar agrees with Nick

Posted by Chris

Coatham Memorial Hall was packed for Nick Clegg's visit to Redcar last night.

The enthusiastic audience even included Labour Councillors from Middlesbrough Barry Coppinger, Len Junier and John McPartland who assured me they had been invited by the BBC. I wonder why? They are pictured above seated directly behind Pat Swales, wife of Lib Dem Candidate Ian Swales. The UKIP candidate for Redcar also sneaked in.

Retiring MP for Harrogate, Phil Willis, making his second campaign visit to Redcar, warmly welcomed the Labour and UKIP observers and impressed us all with his knowledge of the area and its problems.

Nick Clegg spoke about Labour's neglect for the area over many years and answered a whole range of questions from the audience which included a large proportion of young voters. The topics raised included, Corus, defence, education, the NHS and immigration.

It is interesting that  of all the people who turned up to see Nick Clegg's brilliant performance The tacky  Sun  choose to quote only one person, John McPartland, without mentioning he is a Labour Councillor from Middlesbrough.

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Duncan said...

Anyone who reads this blog should follow the link and comment on the article. I'm sure they'll suppress most of the criticism but they'll give up after a while.