Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A claim for Redcar

Official statistics released today show that the number of claimants of Jobseekers Allowance in Redcar constituency increased to 7.1% of the working age population. The Lib Dem candidate for Redcar Ian Swales said:

“Unemployment in Redcar constituency is over 10% and almost 4,000 people in Redcar are claiming benefits for unemployment this month – an increase of 0.8%.

“Under Gordon Brown we have an unsustainable economic model based on decades of over-reliance on the City of London, while Teesside’s industrial base was completely neglected.

“We need total change for sustainable regional growth, and support for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is a vital industry and it has played a fundamental role in the region’s economy for the past 150 years.

“Redcar needs to become the hub of industrial activity that it once was. Only the Liberal Democrats have the vision, drive and credibility to rebuild the economy, creating new jobs that last.”

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