Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ian Swales publishes his pledges to Redcar residents

The Lib Dem contender for the Redcar parliamentary seat today released a series of pledges to local residents.

Ian Swales has pledged to be open and honest about his expenses - and publish details on his personal website.

He said if elected as MP for the Redcar constituency he would not profit personally from the use of expenses and would not sit on any company board.

He also promised to open an office in the constituency and hold regular advice surgeries for local people.

Ian said: "People have been let down badly by politicians, especially on expenses.

"I will always remember that taxpayers money is for the taxpayers' benefit and if I earn people's support and become their MP I will not let them down.

"My pledges are my way of restoring the public's faith in democracy and are my personal commitment to the people of Redcar that I will always do my best for them.

Ian's pledges to the people in Redcar constituency:

My first and foremost priority will be to represent local people.  I will be there to help, to listen to your concerns and to stand up for our area and our communities. I will:

* Have an office in the constituency open at times convenient to the public, and hold regular advice "surgeries" in easily accessible places
* Ask for your opinions about things that matter to you on a regular basis
* Keep an open mind about issues and seek a range of views and experiences
to ensure that I am roundly-informed
* Report back on what I am doing - not just at election time
* Always be honest with you, whether we agree or not

I will make sure that your views are heard, locally and at Westminster, and I will be an effective voice for Redcar. I will:

* Listen and work with residents groups and others who represent people in Redcar constituency.
* Meet regularly with local service providers such as the police, health services and local schools so that I am fully aware of their concerns, priorities and activities and can help at a parliamentary level.

I will be open and honest in the expenses incurred in representing you. I will:

* Publish details on my personal website and answer any questions you may have about them
* Not profit personally from the use of expenses
* Not sit on any company board

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