Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lib Dems ready to fight for change in Redcar Constituency

Liberal Democrats in Redcar constituency – led by prospective MP Ian Swales – swung into action today after months of waiting, the moment that Gordon Brown announced the General Election has been called.

Ian Swales, Lib Dem candidate for Redcar said: “At long last, people will get the chance to decide who they want for their local MP – and choose the person they think is best placed to fight for our area.

“The Liberal Democrats will be fighting this election calling for real change and a fair deal for our area. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for fair taxes, to give all our children a fair start in life, to create new green jobs, and bring in big reforms to make sure our country is run fairly.

“In Redcar constituency, we will be fighting to give local people a local MP – who will be based here and represent the constituency in Parliament, not the other way around.

“If elected, I’m determined to use my years of business experience to bring jobs and prosperity to the area. We need to tackle head on the years of Labour neglect the results of which we can plainly see on our high streets.

“It’s a massive job, but this is an area with proud people and great natural resources. Labour hasn’t made the best of that – we will.

“Liberal Democrats in Redcar are going into this election well prepared and in a confident mood. We genuinely believe that we can bring real change to our area by working together with the local community. This is a two-horse race between ourselves and Labour here, and I am confident that we can win.”

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