Thursday, 8 April 2010

What happened to Government jobs promise?

IAN Swales, the Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Redcar constituency, renewed the call for civil service jobs on Teesside today, to help create employment in the area.

“Historically, government jobs have often been moved into areas that have structural economic problems,” said Ian.  “The DVLA in Swansea, the Passport Office in Liverpool and the HMRC offices in Newcastle are just a few examples.

“It’s about time that the government stepped up and helped this area, which is suffering terribly as a result of the recession and years of underinvestment.”

Ian also called on Vera Baird MP to explain what had happened to her promise of government jobs in the area. 

“Vera Baird publicly claimed that the government had plans to move “well paid civil service jobs” out of London to create more opportunities,” said Ian, “what happened to that promise?"

“It’s another example of how the area has been let down, time and again by this Labour government.

"This pledge was, until recently, featured on Vera Baird’s personal website, but has been removed: 
 Local unemployment is around 4%, the lowest for nearly 30 years. The Government has plans to move well paid civil service jobs out of London which will create more opportunities. Vera Baird's website 2nd December 2007.

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