Sunday, 21 October 2007

There has got to be a Leadership Hustings in the North East this time

Posted by Chris:

I hear that there is to be another Lib Dem Leadership Hustings at Leeds Civic Hall, at 3pm on 3rd November 2007.

This is a nice venue, which was packed to overflowing when the Leadership Hustings were held there last time. We shall enjoy the day out and a chance to visit Leeds market, even though it clashes with Leeds United's game at Carlisle. Leeds is near enough for us to attend without much travelling but I am led to understand that this is the only north of England Hustings so far planned and there is unlikely to be another.

If this is correct then those responsible for organising them need to have a word with themselves. The north east missed out last time and it did not go down very well at all with local members.

A Leadership Hustings was held in Newcastle when Charles Kennedy was elected. To be honest, there was nowhere near the attendance that the one in Leeds attracted last time but nonetheless we are fast replacing the Tories as the real challengers to Labour in this region and we should not be ignored.

In the two previous Leadership elections, since members got the vote, candidates took the time to visit our area. Both Paddy Ashdown and Alan Beith came to Stockton and Guisborough, during their contest. John Pardoe came to Stokesley Town Hall and spoke to a packed meeting during his campaign to replace Jeremy Thorpe, which was won by David Steel.

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James said...

Durham or Newcastle would both be good venues in the N/E - sounds a bit like the leadrship election as a whole really...