Thursday, 18 October 2007

Chris and Glynis come out for Cleggy

We have decided that we will be backing Nick Clegg to be the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Nick has impressed us during his short period as a Lib Dem MP. He has made is mark right from the start and is the obvious choice for us. We have become impressed with Chris Huhne, since the last leadership election, but as Glynis pointed out at that time, we knew little about him up until then.

Apart from anything else it will be a massive boost for Yorkshire and the north as a whole to have a Lib Dem leader who represents these parts.
Nick has the right image and is clearly light years ahead of Cameron in terms of intellectual ability. We predict he will also put bumbling Brown in the shade at PMQs. Nick needs to make sure he gets the backing of our MPs and if elected they need to be quick to defend him. No more sitting quitely with embarrassed looks on their faces. We need a united team clearly focussed on winning and we are sure that, with Nick at the helm, this can be achieved.
Go for it Cleggy!

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