Friday, 26 October 2007

Government 'smash and grab' plan on local schools is slammed by Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats have warned that a proposal by the government to take away cash reserves that local schools have built up will damage children’s education.

The government have put out for consultation a proposal to take 5% of the cash held in reserve in school budgets. Many schools build up reserves to invest in new equipment and facilities or as cover for a rainy day.

Liberal Democrat Councillor and local school governor, Mary Ovens (pictured), said: “Frankly, I am amazed the government can even think of doing this. We have a scheme in Redcar & Cleveland for planned expenses but taking money from school budgets in this way is little more than a smash and grab on schools that have carefully planned for the future. The effect could be felt by school children all over the Borough. I will be raising a question in the November meeting of the Council to ask them what the impact on local school budgets is likely to be."

Amongst the worst hit schools would be Beech Grove primary South Bank, Pathways special school Grangetown and St. Dominics Catholic primary Redcar.

Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman, Ian Swales said: “What will they think of next? Taxing schools who manage their money well is an outrage. Once again central Government is meddling in local matters and showing that they are desperate to raise money from just about anywhere."

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