Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Anger has spread to Wales at the Labour decision to delete Yorkshire from the Council's postal address

They are even angry in Wales about the Labour decision to remove Yorkshire from Redcar and Cleveland Council's postal address. We were handed a copy of the following letter (also pictured) at a meeting in York tonight. It appeared in the Yorkshire Post on Monday 24th September:

Crime against Yorkshire

From: John Coduri
Liantrisant Road
Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan
South Wales

"I am angry at the remark made by Councillors in Redcar and Cleveland who voted to delete "Yorkshire" from the Council's address. Hung, drawn and quartered would not assuage me or comfort me at this crime.

And their weak excuse about development and strategic planning says it all and shows up their complete ignorance as to the value of "Yorkshire".

Let us hope that they will be chucked out at the next election, headfirst."

No harm was done by the Council using Yorkshire as part of its postal address but a great deal of harm is being done by the decision to delete it and there is no sign of the anger subsiding.

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