Thursday, 11 October 2007

Labour claim that Yorkshire is bad for business

Posted by Chris:

An article (read it here) in tonight's Evening Gazette once again quotes the Labour leader of Redcar & Cleveland Council, George Dunning, claiming that business people had advised him that using Yorkshire as part of the postal address was "sending out the wrong messages."

In other words Labour are claiming that Yorkshire is bad for business. This bizarre excuse for dropping Yorkshire from the postal address just does not stand up to scrutiny.

The article was in response to my call for them to reconsider this and I point out that it does no harm at all. We can work with the Government created north east and Tees Valley in just the same way as ever but it does no harm at all to also get the best from our geographic position in Yorkshire, particularly for tourism purposes. Yorkshire actually means something.

None of these business people, who George Dunning claims have advised him have come forward and explained their reasoning. George refuses to say who they are.

Could it be that is not the real reason for doing this. Is it rather something more petty than that. My first reaction was that it was a spiteful decision and a number of people have agreed with that.

There is another reason doing the rounds at the town hall that backs up the view that it was done for spite. It is being said that the decision to propose the motion was taken in a fit of pique when a Labour Councillor ordered business cards from the Council and they came back with Yorkshire as part of the address.

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Peter Mc said...

What? In Rome they would have been hurled from the Tarpeian Rock for such treason.

East Cliff, Whitby would do in this case. Or Huntcliff if you couldn't stand their nattering all the way along the Coast Road.