Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Wife of local steel worker says Government have given up on steel industry

A Redcar Councillor, who is the wife of a local steelworker, has hit out at the Government's announcement of £60m which she feels is not going to to help the steel industry?

Coatham ward Lib Dem Councillor Irene Curr said:

"There's some for Wilton, which certainly needs help, some for apprentices and some to help start-up businesses all of which is old news. The rest is to help the area move away from heavy industry.

"This is all very noble but the country needs a manufacturing industry, and therefore a steel industry, if it is to avoid relying on other countries for manufacturing. We are already at the mercy of other countries for our water, gas, electricity, and oil."

"If the Labour Government and Council think this is a good deal then they have obviously already given up on the steel industry!"

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