Thursday, 17 December 2009

Corus - Labour MP's need to get involved

MP for Middlesbrough, Sir Stuart Bell is being criticised after press comments he made about the Corus situation. He claims that matters will be helped by a pipe order for Shetland gas fields that he has been working on for two years.

Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Redcar said "Sir Stuart Bell should know that steel from the mothballed plant does not go into pipes. He also talks about his hopes that the steel mill will be mothballed for the shortest possible time. The coil plate mill on the site was sold to the Chinese nine years ago and the beam mill is unaffected by the Corus announcement. It is the basic iron and steel making on the site which is mainly affected.

If we are to have any hope of getting out of this mess it's important that local MP's really get involved with what is happening at Corus. To not do so is letting down the local community.

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