Monday, 21 December 2009

Save the British Forces Post Office

The Government is planning to stop the British Forces post Office (BFPO) which helps families and friends keep in contact with people serving abroad. You can post a letter to wherever they are serving with just a normal UK stamp. The decision also means that all free post (under 2kgs) to Afghanistan will be stopped.

Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Redcar, said: "When our servicemen and women are fighting and dying for our country, the Government is once again treating them with contempt.

"The BFPO has for decades provided a lifeline that is utterly vital in maintaining morale and now they want it cut.

"I know from when my daughter was working for the forces in Gibraltar just how important the service is.

"MPs have granted themselves £7,000 a year postage - but they seem to be happy to put extra costs on service families.

I urge everyone to sign the 10 Downing Street petition here.

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