Friday, 18 December 2009

Corus - let's plan for a future in steel making - Ian Swales

Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Redcar is calling for more action on planning a positive future for Corus.

He has published a new plan for Corus at Redcar which has been sent to the company, the Government and the Trade Unions.

Ian Swales said "There can be a much more positive future for Corus if the Government and the company really want to see it happen. We need a site owner who really believes in the future and is prepared to invest. There has been a lack of investment for over ten years. We need a Government who believe in manufacturing industry and can see the devestating impact of running it down.

My plan outlines what needs to be done and where the money could come from. I'm calling on the Government to bring all the interested parties together and plan for a long term future for steel making on Teesside. We have the site, the port and the people. We just need backing. Short term subsidies will give the plant a slow lingering death rather than a quick one. What we need is investment in steel to get Teesside's economic heart beating again.

Copies of the plan can be downloaded here.

Manufacturing industry as a % of GDP fell from 25 % to 22% under Margaret Thatcher. It fell to less than 13% under Tony Blair and is now less than 12%

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