Friday, 4 December 2009

Corus Closure is worst possible Christmas present - Ian Swales

Reacting to the news of Corus closure, Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Redcar said:

"The news about the Corus closure is devastating for Teesside. Unfortunately it's not a great surprise as this is the end of a long process caused by lack of investment and world market conditions. It has also been clear that the Government had no intention of helping the Teesside plants survive.

"I hope that the process of finding a new owner for the plant will continue and that "moth balling" is not just a device to avoid the massive environmental restoration that will be needed in future.

"I have been saying for a long time that we urgently need economic regeneration on Teesside. We also need a broader based economy and welcome the news that, yet again, the Government is talking about moving Civil Service jobs out of London.

"In the meantime my thoughts are with the workers losing there jobs. This is the worst possible Christmas present for them and their families."

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neil craig said...

The reason it is closing is because power is 1/4 the price in China where the world steel industry is moving. The reason our electricity prices are so high is because we have prevented building of nuclear power stations & instead massively subsidise windmills. The reason we do that is because various politicians, particularly LibDem ones have demanded it.

This is admitted by every single honest LibDem candidate - that would be John Thurso & nobody else.