Monday, 12 November 2007

Nick Clegg is storming ahead

Nick Clegg has reported that more than 1500 supporters have now signed up to back his bid to become Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

On Facebook too, Nick is in the lead. 'Nick Clegg for Leader' currently has 729 members, whilst Chris Huhne has 316.

The latest big endorsement came last week when Baroness Shirley Williams announced that she was backing Nick.


Anonymous said...

Surely this just means that maybe Huhne supporters are less internet savvy? The numbers are so low they are insignificant anyway?

Anonymous said...

I don't think this means anything, Clegg has more MP support, so I expect those MP's are getting people to sign up.

Its votes that count in the end, and I think the swing voters will sadly be the less acrtive members of the party. Question Time on BBC1 this week is the most important hustings 'meeting'.

rkjfyoung said...

The larger numbers were for Ming last time. They were wrong then too!

Andrew Porrer said...

Also the number for Nick is greater than the 729 stated as facebook only allows groups to email 1000 members at a time, so members of the Nick group have been encouraged to leave and join smaller regional groups.