Sunday, 18 November 2007

More desperation from the Huhne camp

Posted by Chris:

The release of the document "Calamity Clegg" by the Chris Huhne campaign and the subsequent row on the Politics Show has once again confirmed my view that Chris is well behind and is resorting to desperate tactics.

To say, as Chris did, that he knew nothing about it beggars belief. Chris should concentrate on what he is standing for and stop trying to give us his misinterpretation of what Nick Clegg stands for.

The postal votes go out this week and most will return them straight away. Time is running out to persuade members and I guess the Huhne camp are seeking to hot things up but these tactics were bound to backfire. The way it was put to Chris on the show cannot have done his campaign any good at all. He was put in a position where he had to say nice things about Nick and was then faced with having to explain why his campaign had published the smear document.

Members are angry at the way Charles and Ming were treated by those who anonymously briefed the media. Sending out papers knocking Nick amounts to the same thing.

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