Saturday, 3 November 2007

Leeds Leadership Hustings No 2

Posted by Chris:

For the second time in less than two years we travelled to Leeds to attend the Liberal Democrats Leadership Hustings.
On the way we passed a church, I think it was on Scott Hall Road, which had a yellow dayglow poster outside, displaying the words "Looking for a new Leader."

We have certainly found one.

Held in the impressive Civic Hall, with its two owls perched proudly on two white Portland stone spires, it was nice to be back in a proper Council Chamber. It was standing room only once again as members came from far and wide. I was surprised to see Julia Goldsworthy MP and Chris Rennard present.

We watched Nick Clegg arrive, with his huge entourage, as we sat on the wall outside the entrance. We followed him up the stairs and just as we were about to enter the Chamber the fire alarm went off and we all had to march outside again.

We stayed for the speeches and the first two questions and that was enough to confirm that our choice of Nick Clegg was the right one. I don't want to rubbish Chris Huhne, he is clearly a most able and attractive candidate but Cleggy was by far the most passionate and animated of the two. Chris was well received but his monotone delivery is not as inspiring as the more punchy Nick Clegg.

Judging by the sound and length of applause, whilst we were in the hall, Nick came out the winner by a mile.

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