Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Nick and Chris on Newsnight

How the BBC promoted the contest on their website

Posted by Chris:

With the original, slim version of the Bird of Liberty soaring in the background the contenders for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats faced each other as they stood at lecterns waiting to begin another TV debate, this time with the formidable Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight.

The impression given to viewers was that they had to stand there waiting whilst Mr Paxman presented Newsnight's coverage of the Government's disastrous loss of two CD's containing the personal and banking details of 25million UK residents.

Chris Huhne used most of his one minute, "I want to be leader of the Liberal Democrats because," to remind us yet again that he was an "experienced communicator" who had worked as a journalist and had set up a business. Nick Clegg used the time to express his passionate Liberalism and his wish to lead the party with "energy, conviction and passion."

Mr Paxman introduced the "Calamity Clegg" smear and Chris "apologised profusely" blaming it on a "junior researcher." He went on to accept the explanations provided by Nick and expressed the need for "communicating clearly."

However, it was Nick who expressed views in the clearest terms on immigration and taxation. Chris showed his tendency for populism on both these issues. He also ended up with the last word, once again having to defend his campaign's "Calamity Clegg" attack on Nick. I expect both candidates will have to live with this, courtesy of the media and our opponents, for a long time to come.

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RobC said...

A smidgeon of populism is no bad thing - we do want to win votes after all. The 2 issues you criticise Chris on - immigration and tax - are currently very important to voters. Most Liberal Democrats are supportive of a liberal immigration policy, Chris was merely pointing out how the pace of change in some areas has caused difficulties, a perfectly valid point.

As for tax, Chris is a clear supporter of a progressive tax system which means the highest earners pay more while the lowest earners are taken out of tax. Again no problems as far as I'm concerned.