Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Emma has been hit by a car outside school

Posted by Glynis:

Our 12 years old granddaughter Emma has been hit by a car close to her School, St Peter's, at South Bank this morning. We don't have much detail at present but she has head injuries and a broken kneecap.

UPDATE 2.30pm: Emma has had a catscan and they are awaiting results. Her leg isn't broken but the bones are chipped.

UPDATE 8.55pm: I have seen Emma at James Cook Hospital. She has a huge bruise on her head and a great big scrape down her back. They may keep her in a couple more days when they decide what to do as they now think she may have fractured her leg.

Emma can't really remember what happened but her cousin Victoria, who was with her, said that she was crossing the Trunk Road at the junction with Normanby Road (at the green man crossing). A car kept coming, hit Emma, knocked her up in the air and she landed on her face.


Toby Philpott said...

Dear Chris and Glynis,

We are very sorry to hear this news. We hope that Emma will make a full recovery.

Our thoughts are very much with you.

Toby, Qun and Anna Philpott

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read of your granddaughters accident. Hope she makes a speedy recovery.