Friday, 5 September 2008

Where does the Labour Candidate live?

Four candidates have been nominated for the Kirkleatham Ward By-Election for Redcar and Cleveland Council, on 2nd October.

Lib Dem challenger, John Hannon, pictured above, is the only candidate who lives in the Ward and appears to be the only one who actually lives in Redcar.

The Tories have chosen Brian Mundy who lives getting on for three miles away in Wilton Village and the BNP have put up someone who lives over six miles away in Guisborough.

But the biggest mystery is where does the Labour Candidate Paul Dixon live? He has put his address as 39 Cypress Road, Redcar, more than two miles away on the other side of the town from Kirkleatham Ward, but he is not registered to vote there. If YOU know please contact us by clicking on the comments button below.

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Anonymous said...

You do politics and the Lib Dems no favours by being so negative about your opponents.

A candidate might live at the epicentre of the place for which they seek election, but be useless in every other repsect.

Indeed, my own Labour and Independent Councillors are what you define as 'local', but are completely invisble when it comes to working for us.

It's not where you live - a few miles up one road or down another, it's how well you represent the people who elect you.

Why are Lib Dems such negative campaigners?