Sunday, 21 September 2008

Labour MP Vera Baird's fit of pique

The Liberal Democrats By Election campaign in Kirkleatham Ward, Redcar, received a boost yesterday from an unlikely source - Labour MP Vera Baird.

Lib Dem campaigners fell about laughing when they read a letter from the out of touch MP that was published in the Evening Gazette.

Obviously miffed by an item in Focus she complains that we referred to her office as the 'Justice Department' and claims we need to do our homework better. We made the reference simply because it was clearer and shorter English than her official title Solicitor General in the Attorney General's office.

Why would a Government Minister bother to write a letter about that? Clearly she was rattled because we exposed the fact that her Department had "sneaked in new rulings increasing the likelihood of criminals -even murderers - serving only half their sentence."

The leaflet she refers to was distributed in Kirkleatham Ward and not Guisborough as she claimed in her letter. Ms Baird should know, really, that Guisborough is not in her constituency and the Lib Dems did not even have a candidate in the Guisborough By Election that took place on 11th September.

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John said...

I take it she doesn't call the Lib Dems `Liberals`?