Friday, 26 September 2008

980,000 Lib Dem voters read the Daily Mail

Posted by Chris:

I was interested to read the posting by Mark Pack on Liberal Democrat Voice about why he reads the Daily Mail. I was surprised to learn that 980,000 Lib Dem voters read the paper. I thought I was the only one.

My reasons for reading the Mail are nothing to do with the political coverage, though I do wish they gave more balanced coverage to the Lib Dems. I like the Coffee Break pages with a choice of eight Sudoku puzzles and a crossword that I can actually do. I always go straight to the Questions page were I often find very interesting answers to questions submitted by readers. The only thing Glynis likes about the paper are the recipes but still buys it for me every morning. The sports coverage is good too.

If it is true that 980,000 Lib Dem voters read the paper then it is time this was reflected in the editorial content of the paper and it was drawn to the attention of the nasty-pasty columnists who seem to have nothing but snide remarks to make on the rare occasions that Liberal Democrats are mentioned.

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