Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Changes to Kerbside Recycling Collections

The following information is being distributed to residents in the Borough of Redcar and Cleveland by letter.

From Wednesday 1st October, the kerbside recycling collection service will transfer from an external contractor to the Council.

This transfer will mean a slight change to the way we collect your green box (glass and cans) and blue bag (paper).

From Wednesday 1st October, two vehicles will collect your recycling. One will collect your glass and cans and a second vehicle will collect your paper (these two collections will take place on the same day).

Please take your green box and blue bag to the front of your property by 7am as usual for collection and do not remove until both the green box and blue bag have been emptied by our collection teams.

Please note your collection day will remain the same.

The advantage of changing to this new method is that both vehicles (similar to refuse wagons) can carry more. This means less travelling time for the wagons as the number of trips to unload is significantly reduced. It also reduces the risk of contamination resulting in better quality recycling products.

The Council is committed to improving service delivery and customer satisfaction, should you require any further clarification regarding this matter then please do not hesitate to contact the Council’s Contact Centre on 01642 774774, or email contactus@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk. Further details are also available on the Council's website: www.redcar-cleveland.gov.uk

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