Thursday, 27 March 2008

Lib Dems welcome latest court decision over Coatham Links

The decision by the High Court not to allow another Judicial Review of Redcar & Cleveland Council's decision to reject the second application for Village Green status on land that was formally part of a golf course (see pic above) has been welcomed by Liberal Democrats.

We welcome this decision as yet another Judicial Review would mean more delays and more public money wasted. It is time we told the Friends of Coatham Common that enough is enough. Their never ending attempts to subvert local democracy by using people who qualify for legal aid to run up enormous legal bills for the local taxpayers is outrageous.

Anybody can claim anything in court and spend months, even years, dragging things out, especially if you can get someone else to pay for it. In this case it is the taxpayer and this is unacceptable.

Every week this scheme is delayed the longer we have to wait for the two brand new swimming pools and the state of the art leisure facilities that this town so badly needs.

It puts at risk vital grant funding for a project that has everything that is needed to help boost the town centre and bring jobs and people into the town.


Anonymous said...

Hang on? Ive just gone back through the Coatham enclosure archives on this site and there is absolutely no mention at all of the High Court Judges decision to quash the Coatham planning permission because it was established in the High Court that the whole planning process had been biased, pre-determined and unlawful.
A High court judge ruling against a local authority, a decision that set a national precedent, a decision that isnt going to be appealed by the council that it was made against and there is absolutley no mention of it on this site at all?

Now that is remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Its about time that someone reminded Cllrs Chris and Glynis Abbott, that it was the biased, pre determined and unlawful actions of the Lib dems and their coalition partners among others,proved in the High court, that resulted in the planning permission being quashed in the High Court. Its time the people of Redcar said enough is enough and told councillors and officers who spent 1000's of pounds of public money defending the unlawful, biased, planning process in the High court when they all knew it to be so, that wasting so much public money on defending something that you knew to be unlawful, is wholly unacceptible. Its about time that the undemocratic and downright unlawful actions of these people was no longer tolerated by decent person in this borough.It is also about time that the council told people the truth, namely that the swimming pool that is being provided, is being paid for through prudential borrowing because no funding has been attracted to pay for one any other way, which will cost the tax payers again. Finally, they should also tell people the truth by telling them that the article that this comment is being posted to isnt even telling half of the truth as has now been revealed, the council themselves have applied to have an expedited rolled up hearing over this issue (speedy Judicial Review) because ther was no way that they could win the oral hearing over the village green application which would have resulted in the case going to JR anyway.