Thursday, 20 March 2008


The Coatham Ward Councillors were invited by a Council Official to attend a photo call today at the re-opening of Coatham Boating Lake.

Councillors Josie Crawford and Irene Curr were happy to attend as invited because they had campaigned to have the fencing removed and the lake reopened for the summer.

Less than one hour before the event took place the same official rang to withdraw the invitation on the instructions of the Leader of the Council George Dunning.

Councillor Irene Curr was informed that the event was only for the Leader of the Council and his deputy.

Councillor Irene Curr said:

"We have persistently campaigned for the area to be reopened and the fencing removed. It has been our ambition to restore the boating lake to it's original 1930's state."

Councillor Josie Crawford said:

"Funding was put in place, under the Coalition, over one year ago, for major refurbishment work to the boating lake and surrounding area. We are delighted that it is at last going ahead"

Leader of the Lib Dem Group Councillor Chris Abbott said:

To invite the ward Councillors and then withdraw it is pathetic. They have worked hard to kept residents informed about progress on the site and have taken on the chin a lot of criticism that was not their fault."

Ian Swales Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar said:

"So much for Councillor Dunning's claim to be open and transparent. The Ward Councillors were rightly invited then told they must not come. What is he frightened of?"

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